TechStrat Sub’s FYI…

So folks, (TechStrat Sub’s specifically), here’s what is — the same, improved and/or completely new…  see below.

  1.  This home page essentially becomes what was the TechStrat report.  Subscription only, with multiple trading/investing and research notes per week.  There will also be the “UdallReport Tech 20” Portfolio coming shortly.  These are my Top 20 current ideas (give or take a few), extracted from my larger Technology focus list.  This focus list being the fountain head, which  I’ve used for years to generate the bulk of my swing trades as well as Technology investments.  This “model portfolio” replaces the prior performance tracking portfolio.  This also represents Tier 1 (Silver) of my services.
  2.   First new Item:  Private Twitter feed.  This is going to become my primary (real time) communication mechanism.  It will not (nor ever) replace my research notes.  As those notes are detailed, contain a ton of my research insights and the information in them can stay relevant for a number of QTR’s if not YR’s.  In short, my Private Twitter feed is going to become my intraday communication tool (think trades/alerts/actionable information).  For TechStrat Sub’s, this is only an additional $25/mth.  Moreover, they will also receive a 33% discounted price on this for 6Mths…  or the full length of their current TechStrat Subscription.  I’m encouraging all Sub’s to add this to their Tier 1 service.  The Combination of Items 1 & 2 also comprise Tier 2 or Gold level Subscriptions.
  3. Additional new items.  Tier 3 (or Platinum service), in addition to everything above, will also feature these items.  Weekly (sometimes daily) Strategy Notes.  This is especially helpful during the busy earnings reporting season.  Multiple model Portfolios — in addition to the above, includes my superb Biotech focus list, my fuller “Technology Watchlist”, as well as timely focus lists for “newly moving sectors”.  These are generated by market rotation, distressed valuation and/or changing sentiment.  IE., I’m currently building one for the massively beaten up retail space.  The whole purpose here is finding LT investment Alpha.  Lastly, and most important for some, I will feature my Market Sentiment & Timing tools.  TechStrat sub’s have been reading about these for years and seen me use them to very accurately predict “Index Price Targets”,  spot coming corrections and catch key market turning points.  For TechStrat Sub’s, this Tier (Platinum), will be an additional $25/mth over Tier 2 or $50 over Tier 1.  Moreover, they will also receive the 33% discounted price on this for 6Mths…  or the full length of their current Subscription.

I look forward to seeing “you all” again and very soon.